Olivier Bonenfant

Director & editor. VFX+Mograph artist. Multimedia integrator.
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Email: olivier@multimediaintegrator.com and olivier.bonenfant@gmail.com

Now that you have seen my Demo Reel, this page contains the majority of the published works. It's a big list that you can browse at random that shows the variety of clients and the sustained quality but during an interview I would guide through the best work.

VFX and MOGRAPH VFX and Motion Graphics as a fulltime employee for Ubisoft Montreal and at Val Morgan Outdoor in Melbourne between 2012 and 2015. At Ubisoft Montreal, teamwork, attention to detail and quality were the top priorities for productions, while at Val Morgan extremely fast work, efficiency and autonomy were the most important.

FOR UBISOFT MONTREAL (www.ubisoft.ca)

Assassin's Creed: Initiates - Introduction   Watch Dogs - DedSec Trailer

Introduction video for Assassin's Creed 4 E3 gameplay demo showing the interface of Assassin's Creed Initiates during Sony's conference at E3 2013. Solo work during about a week under the supervision of the production manager.
Design and animation of Hacker group DedSec's video communications. This datamoshed design can be see in promotional material as well as in in-game communications.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Trailer   Watch Dogs - Exposed Trailer

VHS effects and transitions on this trailer for the insane Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Some editing assistance was also provided.
Production of fake ads throughout virtual Chicago in the game Watch_Dogs and for the "Exposed" trailer. Also in this trailer; overlayed motion graphics and production of around 15 animations for the security screens.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Horizon Trailer   Watch Dogs - Outdoor advertising

Cosmetic changes, compositing and corrective VFX, like texture glitches removal, on multiple shots captured with an older build of the game based on what the final retail version would look like.
Production of TV ads for the outdoor screens of the virtual city of Chicago in Watch_Dogs. Over 40 ads, news briefs and DedSec communications were created for those screens; making the world cohesive and real, entertaining the player and driving the story forward. This is just one example.

Assassin's Creed 3 - Multiplayer content   Watch Dogs - Companion application

Animation and compositing for multiples segments unlockable in the multiplayer section of AC3. All those videos come in two versions; the original Abstergo version and the Erudito hacked version. This is one of the 9 videos.
Presentation of the mobile application that enhance the gameplay of Watch_Dogs with interaction between the console player and the mobile player. HUD rebuilding, animated backgrounds and title cards on this clip and other Watch_Dogs promotional material.

To those you can add a lot more, like production work on franchises like Shape and Rainbow Six, and special format giant screen animations for Ubisoft and Sony's E3 conferences.

FOR VAL MORGAN OUTDOOR (MELBOURNE) (www.valmorgan.com.au)

DART - Launch video   Val Morgan, from Static to Digital

After-Effects Motion Graphics and Premiere editing for the launch video of realtime audience detection for out-of-home advertising.
  Examples of ad building at Val Morgan based on static/print campaigns turned into Digital and animated campaigns in 4 to 8 hours. I did the ads taken as examples as well as this video itself. Wrigley Bubblemint, Cottonelle, BIC, Hoyts Starlight, Powerade

Heidi Klum New Balance   Project Longshot

An example of a 15 second TV spot done in half a day based on an existing media campaign.
  Quick cinema and TV advertisement for Southern Ocean Exploration. Screened in Hoyts cinemas in Australia.

Pump TV - 2015 presentation   Hoyts - Movie of the week

Redesign of all the packaging of Pump TV including the logo resolve, weather segment, news broadcast, sports highlights, cooking show, mixology, finance tips, etc..
  Design of a Movie Of The Week bumper as well as weekly movie trailer for Hoyts on Val Morgan Outdoor and Pump TV networks.

COMPOSITING & VFX FILM I am credited for the VFX on two feature films I did at Atelier V. The tight deadlines, attention to quality and the high volume of shots were a nice challenge. I work on tons of short films but I'm eagerly looking forward working for another feature film.


Goon poster

Compositing and VFX on more than 60 shots.

- Camera rails removal and floor rebuilding.
- Virtual crowds.
- Virtual wounds and face tracking. Tooth removal. Hockey puck impact on a player's face.
- Fake sports and news broadcasts Chyron design and introductions.
- TV screens compositing.
- Logos removal on shirts, props and the hockey rink. Etc..

Film by Alliance Vivafilm. VFX done at Atelier V.
  Fubar II

Fubar 2 poster
Compositing and VFX on about 20 shots.

- Brand removal on exterior marquees, clothes and props.
- Design and compositing of a ghost character.

Film by Alliance Vivafilm.
VFX made at Atelier V.


In 2006 and 2007, I was a young fulltime director at TQS, the 3rd biggest TV channel in Quebec. TQS got into a big transitory period and without interesting new TV shows in the horizon, I went on to work on my own, offering direction and post-production at the same time.

Dutrizac   Gauthier

Director of daily fast-paced news segments where we would see the audience monitoring double and triple.

All evenings 10PM (and then moved to 7PM) on TQS (V Télé) season 2006-2007 (French content: examples 1, 2).
  Introduction, bumpers, motion graphics and logo design.

With Michel Gauthier weekdays at 12h30PM on TQS (V Télé), season 2007-2008.

Pourquoi?   Just for laughs UK

Introduction, bumpers, motion graphics and logo design.

With Jean-Luc Mongrain Tuesdays at 8h30PM on TQS (V Télé), season 2006-2007.
  Co-direction, DOP and post-production.

Nationwide CBC campaign. Work done at Atelier V for Crabapple Media.

Directing of short films in Canada, Belgique, France, Australia, USA, Russia, Sweden and in Madagascar. The vast majorité of those short films were produced in 24, 48 or 72 hours without a significant budget. I'm also the D.O.P., Comp and VFX. The short film love story goes on since 2003.

Quad diamond

Shot in USA in 2013.
- Official selection Festival Fantasia 2013
- Official selection Spasm 2013
VFX Breakdown

Shot and edited in 48 hours in Antananarivo, Madagascar in 2012.
- Opening ceremony film of the Rencontres du Court métrage du Madagascar 2013.
- Fantasia Festival Montreal 2013.


Shot and edited in Quebec City in 72 hours.
- Official selection Interfilm Film Festival Berlin 2012.
- Festival du Cinéma Ville de Québec 2012.
- Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois 2013.
Screened in a couple more countries with the Kinomada short film tour.
  Certified Organic

Shot and edited in 48 hours in Brussels.
- Brussels Short Film Festival 2012.
- HL&P Film Festival Toronto 2013.
- Cinekink New York 2012.
- Bedfest Austin 2013.
- Lost Episode Fest Toronto 2013.
- La Boca Erotica Madrid 2013.

Attraction of the masses

- Festival Nouveau Cinéma 2010
- Official selection Festival Fantasia 2011.
- Official selection Festival Spasm 2011.
- "Best Script" prize at Vitesse Lumière 2011.
  Fahrenheit 69

- Best film prize HL&P Film Festival Toronto 2013.
- Lost Episode Fest Toronto 2013.
- Spasm Film Festival Montreal 2013.
- Opening gala film CineKink New York City 2015.

Water disaster

- Official selection Festival Fantasia 2012.
- Official selection Festival Spasm 2012.
  The action film

- Screened at Festival Fantasia on 2006/07/05.
- "Le court en web" finalist from Silence on Court, Ztélé and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).


- Official selection Festival Fantasia 2009.
- Official selection Festival Spasm 2009.
- Festival Vidéaste-Recherché finalist.

- Official selection Festival Fantasia 2011.
- Official selection Igorfest 2011.

Vibrato Saves The Space Queens

- Best 69h challenge HL&P Film Festival 2007.
- Selection Spasm 2008.
- Selection Nuit Blanche Festival en lumière Hydro-Québec Spasm 2009.
  La course des ombres Shadowrun: Crossing Shadows (website)

- Official selection Gen Con Indianapolis,
- Snow Con (Maine, USA), Apollo Con Houston 2012 and GeekFest Montreal.
- Best film, Best direction and Public prize, Kino 3R 5 years retrospective.

To that you add more recent unpublished films short made in Australia, videoclips for bands like Hugolution, J'ai le Cancer and over 20 other short films like a 29 minutes lego stop-motion film.


Compositing and HUD effects on a film by Patrick Peris.
Compositing and VFX on a parachute sequence. Film by Martin Thibaudeau.
Compositing, fire and smoke effects on a kitchen fire scene for a short film by Kristina Wagenbauer.

Those damn kookies
Editing, VFX and compositing on a videoclip, Outer Space by Those Damn Kookies, vintage style.

  ¡FLIST! Bug
VFX for a videoclip for Charlie Twitch.
  Fleur de Peau
Super quick compositing for a short film by David Dufresne Denis.

Time out
Compositing, tracking and rotoscopy on some of the shots in the final episodes of this Emmy Award winning webserie.
  Vodka Canneberge
Title design and motion graphics for Kim St-Pierre and l'INIS.


The projects in this section were done between 2006 and 2012. Editing with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After-Effects.

FOR EXPERIENCE 7 (Montreal) (www.experience7.ca)

Quebec is game

Promotional video targeting China about the videogames industry in Québec for Alliance numérique.

Video for the Montreal International Game Summit 2008.

D-BOX Corporate video

D-BOX corporate video had lots of editing, live action, green screen, mograph, 3D animation, archive footage, etc..
  D-BOX Theatre launch

Toronto launch of the D-BOX motion controlled cinema seats with Harry Potter.

D-BOX Cinema Logo Resolve

D-BOX logo animation in a cinema equipped with D-BOX seats.
  Garage cinema winter 07
Garage advertisment for cinemas

Garage winter 07
Video collection winter 2007.

Dynamite fall 07
Dynamite collection fall 2007.

Garage fall 07

Garage fall 2007. In HD.
  Dynamite autumn 06
Dynamite autumn 2006. Video A. In HD.

Dynamite autumn 06
Dynamite autumn 2006. Video B. In HD.


Packaging for Gala Montreal.AD YUL-LAB. and the Association des agences de publicité du Québec (AAPQ)

Gala packaging for the Association des professionnels de la communication and du marketing.

And videos for Desjardins, Aldo, Sarros, Deloitte, l'Avant Première des Prix Gémeaux 2007 for Télé-Québec, Elle Québec and the Association de la Construction du Québec for the Gala Construire. In 2006-2010 at Experience 7.

Packaging & Motion graphics for webseries.

Fast Lane Daily

Life experiment


T.B. Style



Get in the game

Promotional video for the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESA).
  Molson APP

Intro and outro bumpers for the Professional Party Association for Molson Dry.

21k of Montreal

Intro, chyron and outro for Montreal marathon sponsored by Scotia Bank.
  Formula 1 Montreal

LG and Formula 1. Global partners of Formula 1.

FOR ATELIER V (Montreal) (www.atelierv.ca)

Fête Nationale 2011

TV ad for Quebec's 2011 national celebration day.
  Ryad Reda

Morocco Hotel Ryad Reda video on their website made only out of pictures.

WCIT 2012

Editing and motion graphics for the Worldwide Congress on Information Technologies 2012.
  Sympatico Voyage

Video packaging for this video series about travel.

CDMV 360

Editing and motion graphics on about 15 custom segments for veterinarians.

Compositing and motion graphics for various 3D promotional videos for Montel.



Design of the intro for each film submitted to Filmfights.com.
  Accès Culture

Motion graphics for multiple clips for Accès Culture.

Gestell Gestell

Demo on DVD for a contemporary dance couple.
  Kino Dix Filmonik Melbourne Trailer

Monthly trailer for the screenings of Filmonik Melbourne.

Kino Dix
Kino Dix TV ad

Direction of a TV spot on Z Télé and Artv for the launch of Kino Ten DVD.

Trailers for the monthly screenings of Kino (april 2011, june 2011, august 2011, october 2011, january 2012).
  Broken Glass

Shot at Cité de l'Énergie and on the canadian national historic site of the Ancienne-Aluminerie-de-Shawinigan.


Done alone at DAN Media in 2005-2006. Production format is three 4*3 screens side by side. Production time is around 4 to 12 hours. Click to view the spots in flash format. There is no sound.

L'Oreal - Color Pulse
Ferris International
Rocawear spot 1 - Rocawear spot 2
20th Century Fox - Supercross - Contest
Fornarina - Fashion Spot Fall & Summer Spot
Sony Playstation - Greatest hits
Dreamworks - Red Eye - Red Eye TXT
Sony - PSP
Vision Mondiale
Universal pictures - Doom
Universal Music - Eminem - Lindsay Lohan
Sacred Blue - Winter collection
Parasuco - Winter collection

As well as spots for MTV, Adidas, Jean Machine, CN Tower, China Airlines, Avril Lavigne, Dell, Canada Post, Volkswagen, Toyota, Saturn, Dairy Queen, Alexander Julian, Alberto, Bikini Village, BCBG Maxazria, Canadian Tire, Estee Lauder, le Government de la Colombie Britannique, Liz Claiborne, Tourism Mexico, Nyguard, ElRan, Harley Davidson, Tanjay, DKNY, Silhouette, Sanyo, Clear Channel, Hype Energy, Guess Jeans, Hotel Delta, more than 8 spots for Sony Playstation, etc.. *All spots were done alone under the supervision of Trent Martin, creative Director.


In an previous life, I made a lot of website but I stopped taking big contracts in 2007. While it's not relevant to VFX, I still use those Java/PHP/SQL skills when I need to code in After-Effects and Python, eventually.

Site Task
Design and prog. for Innocap, subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada.
Graphic design.
Flash site for a japanese restaurant.

For music band Damon.
Corporate website for Propost.
Web hosting website.

Entertainment website.
Site Task
Design and content processing for Net Marketing Solution.
Artistic direction for CDEC Centre-Sud.
Entertainment website.
for Net Marketing Solution.

Blog design.

Blog design.

Short film website.
Site Task
Integration and flash animatics for Net Marketing Solution.
Graphic redesign for short film website.
Flash animations for Net Marketing Solution.
Short film website.
Entertainment website.
Travel website.
Flash portfolio site for a model.
and (too) many others.